Who we are

The engagement of our family with quality Greek food began in 1948, three generations after the start, our appetite and thirst for Greek food is growing.
First loved with Greek food was our grandfather and grandmother Helen & Panagiotis Anagnostopoulos, in the 50s’ they opened their first restaurant in Tripoli.

Since then, a lot have changed, but one remains the same: our passion for quality food and impeccable service.

Our basic foundations are: family environment and climate of our company, the personal involvement and passion, quality raw materials, our chef, human resources, direct contact with our customers, the flexibility of our mentality, facilities and our equipment, our vision of continuous improvement and development, since the food area is constantly evolving!

We want to offer the best in any phase of your life whether social or professional event. Because happiness and success are synonyms of an excellent meal.

And we can do that because we have five main characteristics: quality ingredients, suitable staff, right equipment, genuine personal contact with you and devotion to what we do.

Our company has food safety management system.